Discovering Karst treasures

In order to awaken from today’s false utopia, when people are blinded by gilt; in order to begin to see, to look around and to feel, we have created a space that testifies to the only wealth that has golden value, an abundance of which is within anyone’s reach. A space that testifies to the beauties surrounding us, even though we don’t see them. To the earth, the sun, the wind and the rain, to plants and animals, and man who for millennia on earth has enjoyed these blessings. A space that tells of the Karst and all its treasures…

The Villa Mirasasso garden is home to non-native plants, plants from various parts of the world, which have already defied the meagre karst soil, bora and sun for centuries. When you enter the garden, you thus find yourself in another world, now in one hemisphere, now in the other, so that you only rarely get the feeling that you are on the Karst. As the administrator of Sežana Botanical Garden at Mirasasso Villa, we therefore decided to offer visitors an opportunity also to get to know karst vegetation, or rather the karst landscape in general. For this purpose, in the near future the Karst Vegetation Interpretation Centre will be set up in the garden area, where it will be possible in an experiential, interactive and didactic way to experience the attractions and beauties of the Karst, which can also be viewed live by taking just one step further.

The Karst Vegetation Interpretation Centre will be officially opened in the second half of 2019. It will then be possible to visit it individually or with a guided tour. You will be notified of its opening without delay.